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about timflix

Tim Williams (TIMFLIX) is a multi-talented creator with a career spanning writing, producing, and directing across various media, including film and television. He is also the visionary founder of Popcorn Trailer, a full-service entertainment company that empowers brands to convey their message effectively while giving him the independence to green-light his film productions.

In 2018, he launched the “True Journey” series, a worldwide adventure exploring the lives of emerging talents.

The following year, he wrote, produced, and directed the full-length crime thriller, “Marked for Trade“.

Then, in 2023, he brought to life “Camp Logan Mutiny“, a gripping portrayal of the largest murder trial in U.S. history.

Who is TimFlix?

While creating independent original content under the alias TimFlix, he’s carved out a unique niche in the cinematic universe.

As a highly competitive Writer / Producer / Director in an ever-evolving industry, Tim Williams understands the challenges many creatives face such as breaking into the field, finding their unique voice, and navigating the complex world of film and media.

Creatives often struggle with limited opportunities, self-doubt, and the need for guidance and mentorship to advance their careers.

With an extensive portfolio spanning thousands of hours, Tim has masterfully crafted everything from captivating television commercials to engaging movies and thought-provoking documentaries.

His unwavering dedication and creative prowess have garnered him prestigious accolades, including recognition from PromaxBDA, Telly Awards, and EMMY Nominations.

Tim’s inspiring tale of unwavering dedication to one’s ideas and dreams should remind any creative that┬áit’s never too late to bring your ideas to life.

Master of Ideas

Tim Williams, a visionary filmmaker, refuses to wait for Hollywood’s green light and is actively engaged in the development of movies, series, and TV shows. His projects delve into pressing social issues and explore historical events, while also captivating audiences through intricate psychological story arcs. Williams is committed to forging his own path in the world of storytelling, creating content that not only entertains but also stimulates thoughtful reflection on various aspects of the human experience.


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